Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Search Engine optimisation. My first experience.

Last week I wrote a post on the different types of bonds that exist. There are eleven of them that are common. You can find the post here. Read it so that later you can understand my arguments.

As you can see from the post the word bonds is repeated often and each time that i have a subtitle i repeat the subtitle in the paragraph eg

1. Perpetual bond

A perpetual bond is .......perpetual bond..... The advantages of buying a perpetual bond...

Another way would be to do like this

1. perpetual bond

This is ......... it is .................The advantage of buying it............

As you can see this is the way I did and surprise of all the post on the subject that was there my post that was just a few days old was on the second page of google result. This is clear proof of SEO. Some people have argued that it does not exist and that we should write normally. However this is clearly the proof.

I think that SEO will make your post more visible and without ot it will be lost in the wilderness. However it does require some training. Because writing for SEO is not how you were teached at school.

If you want to share your experience or you have a question please leave a comment.

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The duplicate content penalty does exist !!!

Hi there fellow investors and bloggers.

I come with a great news for you. The duplicate content penalty exists. I experienced it at first hand and though i am an investment blogger i feel compelled to share this experience.

I started blogging a few months ago. I started to receive a few visitors daily from google. But i was unsatisfied with the low visiting rate. After a few search on the internet i was convinced that if i cut and paste my content on the net my page rank will increase.

I thus started my work one Sunday and paste all my posts on and started to watch people visit my bukisa page. But a few days later my website which was on the first page of the google search page dissappeared completely.

I was so desperate that some time passed before I fully realised my mistake. I rapidly corrected it by delating my account at bukisa and a few days later my website was again visible on the first page of the google search page.

I was relieved and by now i am convinced of the duplicate content penalty. So it is better if a post is only on your blog and not copied around the internet. I dont wish anyone to experience it. So take care.

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